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Indiana Elite Preparatory Academy's Post-Grad "gap year" program is designed for Students to preserve and enhance the educational and athletic opportunities available to them when they start college without losing a year of athletic eligibility. 

Education-First "Gap Year"


Your son will grow up in a hurry and find within himself a level of commitment and dedication to an improvement process that will benefit him for the rest of his life. Elite players follow a strict daily schedule that includes, team house chores, 6+ hours of training, film sessions, weekly community service requirements. Countless players have used their Elite training to propel them to impressive careers on and off the court.

Personal Growth & Discipline


We'll take a look at where you are now and develop a plan to achieve your goal of reaching the next level. A daily schedule will be implemented in order to make sure that you will add the skills needed in addition to the muscle, explosiveness and balance that produces incredible results.

Transform Your Body & Your Game


You will play a nationally recognized schedule designed to provide film against top level competition. Our staff will work tirelessly to provide you collegiate options that fit your academic & athletic ability. 

College Placement Assistance

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