The Elite program made the decision in 2014 to work with online high school education options because it allows our student athletes to create a schedule that will allow them to study at times that are the most natural and convenient to them. Furthermore, the ability to create their own schedule allows students to better fit their extracurricular activities, social events, and allows them more time to work on their craft and dream of being a collegiate student athlete. The online schooling also allows for our athletes to have the flexibility to play a national travel schedule that otherwise would be hindered by a traditional setting. Student Athletes that choose The Elite Program are looking for high academic achievement as well as athletic excellence in the pursuit of becoming a collegiate athlete.

The Elite program believes that the online education opportunities have many positive and possible negatives, we know that because of the continued development of online learning programs from Colleges and Universities across the country has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to literally millions who have been able to further their education through the technology of online education.

I believe that the time The Elite program has invested with past student athletes and online learning has taught us how to maneuver and assist our student athletes and guide them to success.

Other Advantages of Learning Online

  • Learn According to Your Learning Style. ...

  • Use Flexibility to Your Advantage. ...

  • Enjoy a Comfortable Learning Environment. ...

  • Choose Enrollment Options for Your Lifestyle. ...

  • Get Useful Skills for the Future. ...

  • Flexibility. ...

  • An Alternative Approach That Empowers Students. ...

  • Simplified Time Management.

Learning When it Fits Your Schedule

The classes offered through the programs that Elite Prep has chosen are called asynchronous, which means the student doesn’t have to be online at the same time as other students to attend the course. And they don’t have to try to be online at the same time as the teacher either. This gives teenagers the flexibility to do their learning when it fits into their schedule. You simply don’t have that kind of flexibility at a traditional brick-and-mortar school setting where you have to be in the school building for the same rigid hours each and every day. Studying when it makes sense for the student results in less stress, which is a significant benefit of online school.

It’s Not Any Easier Than Traditional School

There are some who think the best reason for enrolling in online school is that it’s going to be easier than traditional school. It is not—at least not at the selected programs we have chosen to partner with. We know the requirements needed for a high school diploma, and all our students need courses to meet NCAA requirements as well as state curriculum standards. If your primary motivation to try online school is because you think it’s going to easier, you will be sorely disappointed! But the process can be fun and engaging even while it’s academically rigorous.


Learning Where it Works Best for You

When you attend a traditional high school, you have to go to the school building to attend classes. You have to sit in whatever chairs and desks are available in each classroom, which may or may not work well for you. When you enroll in Virtual online high school, you’ll have the much-appreciated flexibility to engage your learning not only when but also where works best for you. If that’s sitting at a desk in front of a desktop computer, you can do that. If you need a change of pace you grab your laptop and do your coursework on a comfy couch. You could even hang out at your favorite local spot like a coffee shop if that works for you. All you need is a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) with a web browser and good internet connection and you can take your learning with you! Having the ability to choose where and when you study is obviously a big benefit of online high school.



Indiana Connections Academy,

State of Indiana Residents: Tuition Free For Indiana State Residents

Contact Information:

6640 Intech Boulevard, Suite 250 Indianapolis, IN 46278 1-866-485-1385


Out of State Residents:

Excel High School, / Tuition Based / Flat Rate Monthly Payments

Good Academic programs with a very good supporting group of teachers to help each

student achieve academic success.

Contact Information:

601 Carlson Parkway Suite 1250 Minnetonka, MN 55305 Phone: 1-800-620-3844


High Academic & AP Honors Student Athletes:


Dual Credit Programs Available.

Contact Information:

BYU Independent Study
Attn: BYU Online High School 229 HCEB 770 E University Pkwy Provo UT 84602

Phone: 1-800-914-8931 / Email:

Please Note:

Families are responsible for the cost of any education programs they enroll their child into. Tuition cost for Elite Prep do not cover educational programs.