Indiana Elite Prep
National High School Program

Why Choose The Elite Prep Program?

                         We Are Not Like Other Programs, We Do Not Make Promises We Can Not Keep!

What We Can Promise You, 

We Promise You National Exposure!

We Promise You College Level Skill Development!

We Promise You Honest Evaluation!

We Promise You We Will Work For You And With You!

We Promise You We Will Teach You Not Just Tell You!

We Promise You That We Will Expose You To College Programs Of Every Level!

We Promise You We Will Expose Your Basketball Resume Nationally!

We Promise You That If You Put In The Work We Will Work Even Harder On Your Behalf!

We Promise You That We Will Hold You Accountable On And Off The Court!

We Promise You That We Will Give You The Opportunity To Showcase Your Talent!

We Promise You That This Will Be The Hardest Thing You Have Done To This Point In Your Life!

We Promise You That The Results Will Be Determined By The Daily Effort You Put Forth!

What We Can Not Promise You, 

We Cant Promise You A College Scholarship!

We Cant Promise You Will Be A Starter!

We Cant Promise You Will Play At A Specific Collegiate Level!

We Cant Promise You Anything You Do Not Work For Or Earn!



The Elite Goal Is To See You Grow

The Elite Prep Program does not play for the glory of championships or stature. The programs goals are to help further the education of our student athletes through the gift of athletics. The immediate goal is to assist in helping them attend college, but our ultimate goal is to see young men develop not just their game on the court but develop life skills that will help them grow into productive young men off the court who will impact their communities in a positive manner.

We Teach Our Student Athletes To Take The Initiative

If you aren’t being recruited, you have to be aggressive. That’s not an invitation to start banging on the doors of college coaches. It’s a reminder that if you aren’t receiving anything in the mail, it’s up to you to attract attention. College coaches aren’t going to come looking for you. You have to go to them!

The Elite Prep Program and it's 20+ years of experience and developed relationships can do exactly that for you. 


We Get Your Name Out There

That doesn’t mean blowing up Twitter and Facebook with how great you think you are. It means emailing college coaches and explaining why you’re interested in playing for their programs. You won’t get an immediate response from most coaches – especially top D-I programs – but... with the proven relationships and assistance of the Elite staff we will teach you and guide you through the process, not doing it for you but doing it together. Together we will accomplish the goals with persistence and continued hard work to show ourselves approved. 

We Make a High-Quality Highlight Video

Most college coaches get more than 100 highlight tapes per day, so you want yours to stand out. Put athletic, eye-popping highlights at the beginning of your video and follow with game tape. Make sure both the video and your opponent are high quality – coaches only want to see you play against the best, and they’re not going to watch grainy film. Another tip is to put the video on YouTube and send a link. College coaches want the convenience of links to find quickly, they want well written and organized scouting reports. The Elite program guides all of our student athletes through this progress.

We Show You’re A Team Player

Basketball is the ultimate team game, and college coaches are always looking for team-first players. Players who work hard on both sides of the ball never take plays off and are always involved in the success of their teams. It also helps when you can show your versatility because coaches can see you evolve into multiple positions in college.

We Get Your Coaches And Teachers Involved

College coaches often pay more attention if they hear from your previous high school or AAU coaches. “It’s always impressive when a high school or AAU coach contacts us,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. College coaches trust other coaches to give their honest opinion. So we want to make sure you have a good relationship with your coaches and former coaches as well as teachers and other individuals who can speak to your character and work ethic. We believe that we need to showcase not just your talent but your high character and ability to build relationships. You can go fast alone or we can go far together!

We Look For Realistic Options

Many high school athletes think playing college sports is Division I or bust. In reality, more kids will play for D-II and D-III schools than D-I. Denver University’s Bill Tierney may be a Hall of Fame lacrosse coach, but his words ring true in basketball as well: “If you’re getting interest from a lot of D-III schools and you’re writing a lot of D-I schools but not hearing back, you’re a D-III player,” he said. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But you need to be honest with yourself and trust the process, The Elite staff will be honest in the evaluation and we will also show you that at every level of College basketball the talent level is extremely high. If you have a D-1 or bust mentality then the odds are you are already bust! The Elite program has extensive experience in guiding our athletes to the best level for them athletically and academically.

We Are Persistent

It may seem like getting recruited is a futile process when your emails and calls don’t get returned, your highlight videos don’t get watched and your coaches don’t hear anything. But keeping up your efforts and remaining persistent and positive are traits college coaches like. Your ability to display those will help get you noticed. The benefits to being persistent will help you build character and patience and it will certainly make you that much more appreciative of accomplishing your goals. The process becomes different when we partner with you to make your dreams become reality.

The Elite Prep High School National Team follow a college model and prepare our student athletes for the collegiate level – it is the perfect way to prepare our students for the next steps.

The Elite Prep programs are built on the following tenets on the court:

  • Skill Development

  • Tactical Planning and Implementation

  • Comportment

  • Mental Development

  • Sportsmanship

  • Work Ethic

  • Coachability

  • Developing and embracing a role on a team

Off the court we have similar focus, concentrating on:

  • Video breakdown

  • Meeting with Coaches

  • How to travel

  • Dress/Comportment

  • Developing Coachability

  • Physical Development

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Warm-up

  • Recovery

  • Nutrition

  • Community/Teamwork/Collaboration


The purpose of the Elite Prep National High School Team is to provide a program that meets each individual student athlete at the point of their needs.

This is accomplished by:

  • Providing a college-like environment that attracts the potential student-athlete who wishes to continue his athletic career at the collegiate level.

  • Assuring that we support and encourage academic excellence by supporting the attributes determined to be important for the college-bound student-athlete, such as task management, preparation, and review.

  • Assuring that we are teaching life skills daily to those student athletes living in our residential program by supporting the attributes that are coveted by college admissions counselors such as leadership, character, and responsibility.

  • Giving student-athletes the opportunity to make themselves more attractive to colleges and universities by helping them develop their athletic and academic capabilities.