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I have had the pleasure to work with young men from all over the world. I have been so blessed to be a part of the lives of so many young men, to see them develop and grow into young adults, to not only see great progress on the court but to see the development of the spirit and the character of each individual we work with. “Basketball With a Purpose” is what we like to say about our program, we use athletics as a stepping stone for young men to advance their education. The program is designed to build character, work ethic, leadership, and most of all integrity. Basketball is a great sport and my passion for it runs deep, as a player I wasn’t blessed with great ability, but I worked hard and took advantage of every ounce of ability I had. I teach my players that talent without effort and work ethic is simply not good enough, many principles we teach on the court are the same things being taught in homes, businesses and colleges all over the world.


Our goal is to ultimately see each individual we come in contact with develop in character not just athletic ability, we want to send young men from our program ready and equipped to handle any obstacle that the world has for them. The goal of what we do is to work with each student athlete to see their dreams become reality. Many of the young men we work with might not have had the desire to attend college if not for the love of basketball or earning an athletic scholarship. It's so important that we help develop these young men and help them achieve their dreams, giving them the opportunity to get a debt free college education is such an over looked dynamic in our society today. The young men that we send forth from our program are so important to the future, we must prepare them for a world that they have yet been fully exposed to as children. These are our next Police Officers, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors and many other impacting careers that will shape THE WORLDS FUTURE!

I’ve won a lot of games as a coach, I have had the pleasure to win national titles, been blessed to be voted by my peers as coach of the year, but there is nothing that gives me more pleasure or pride than to see one of our young men stay the course and receive their college degree.


Basketball With a Purpose!- Coach Anthony Cole

Coach Tony Cole 


Phone: 765-969-9537

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